Elon Musk responds to a new DOOM mod that lets you take NFT photos for money


Elon Musk continues to mock non-fungible tokens as the reaction against the most recent digital money prevailing fashion keeps on developing

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has pointed out another non-fungible token mode in famous first-individual shooter DOOM II.

As Niche Gamer reports, the mode replaces all adversaries in the game with pictures of NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club assortment, which as of late outperformed CryptoPunks by floor cost.

Rather than shooting the upstart Apes, players should take photos to kill them and bring in insane measures of cash.

The idea alludes to a running joke among NFT naysayers called "right-clickers" who contend that crypto art is really useless in light of the fact that anybody can download it free of charge. Fundamentally, a NFT is only a receipt on a decentralized blockchain.

In November, a man from Australia distributed all photos related to NFTs on Ethereum and Solana for nothing.

Recently, Musk posted an image that shows a specialist inquiring as to whether he's fantasizing or envisioning NFTs. The world's most extravagant man additionally kidded with regards to NFTs "jpeging the dollar."

Gamers Vs NFTs

The gaming local area has been exceptionally doubtful of the buzz-commendable crypto frenzy, contending that is predominantly utilized as a device for theory and tax evasion to the detriment of the climate while likewise representing a danger to a computerized bounty on the web.

Dissension, a gaming-focused talk administration, had to drop its arrangements to embrace Ethereum in the wake of confronting pushback from the local area.

GSC Game World, the Kyiv-based designer of STALKER 2, deserted its NFT plans subsequent to getting a lot of negative criticism from fans. 

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