Former Chelsea Captain John Terry showed his new NFT profile picture


English football chief John Terry has taken to Twitter to refresh his profile picture to a NFT picture.

The previous captain of the English soccer group teamed up with Ape Kids Club to make a drop for his family.

The Ape Kids Club assortment, which comprises 9,999 "child primates," means to advance NFTs among kids.

The previous expert English football player uncovered that he had bought his originally Bored Ape the week before. 

Terry's advancement of NFTs got a predominately regrettable response from his fans, with many condemning him for pushing the most recent overhyped crypto craze.

Some Twitter clients have facetiously recommended that his record has been hacked. 

"Right-clickers" began making fun of Terry, guaranteeing that they have saved his NFTs for themselves.

Obviously, there were additional individuals who joyfully invited Terry to the NFT people group.

Terry is a long way from being the primary superstar to hop on the NFT train. Sneak Dogg, Jay Z, Jordan Belfort, Marshmello, and Curtis McDowald are among the purchasers of CryptoPunks who might parade them on Twitter.

Last week, CryptoPunks NFTs were momentarily flipped by Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs interestingly, with the most minimal cost for a Bored Ape arriving at 53.9 Ether (generally $215,000).

NFTs are likewise drawing in a lot of analysis because of their unfavorable effect on the climate and sketchy shortage.

Elon Musk, the world's most extravagant man, has over and again derided the new crypto frenzy. Keanu Reeves, the star of the "Lattice" establishment, is additionally among NFT doubters. 

Jamie Lamten

Jamie Lamten is a writer and investor in crypto, provides his opinions and the latest news about non-fungible tokens.

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