Game Developers GSC Game World and Ubisoft are facing a counterreaction against NFT integration.


GSC Game World and Ubisoft, two-game advancement organizations, are managing reactions about the incorporation of NFT components in a portion of their games. While GSC Game World — designer of the famous Stalker gaming establishment — has deserted its arrangements in such a manner, Ubisoft is pushing forward and has reported a partnership with to store pictures from its NFT platform.

GSC Game World and Ubisoft hold dissimilar ways

Two game engineers that as of late declared the presentation of NFT components as part of their upcoming and living games are addressing negative responses from the gaming public on this issue. In any case, every single one of them is doing it any other way. GSC Game World, makers of the Stalker gaming establishment, situated in Ukraine, expressed that they would shut down all plans with respect to remembering NFT components for Stalker 2, a forthcoming game. The organization put out an announcement on Twitter, proclaiming:

We hear you. In view of the criticism we've gotten, we've settled on a choice to drop anything NFT-related in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. The interests of our fans and players are the first concern for the group. We're making this game for you to appreciate—whatever the expense is. Assuming you give it a second thought, we give it a second thought, as well.

GSC Game World had expressed already that all supports coming from potential NFT deals would go toward working on the game before its delivery to make it far better.

Ubisoft Pushes Forward

Be that as it may, not all engineers have stopped in going ahead with their arranged guide, even with the negative gathering coming from clients. In particular, Ubisoft, one more game organization, has reported today a partnership with, a decentralized stockpiling arrangement, to save pictures and data for each NFT saved in its own NFT market, called Ubisoft Quartz. The PR explanation on this partnership expressed that:

The NFT metadata will be put away on completely decentralized capacity arrangement of the north of 70 hubs, while all NFT possession will be followed on the Tezos blockchain.

Quartz, which is the platform currently being used by the organization to carry NFTs to games like Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, appeared on December 9 and is based on top of the Tezos blockchain. Ubisoft advances the improvement as "energy-productive playable NFTs," however the December 8 declaration of the platform was gotten with practically widespread analysis, with over 95% of watchers loathing it on Youtube.

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