HashLand GameFi Launches Hash Warfare On Christmas Eve


Hashland Metaverse

HashLand metaverse characterizes the cutting-edge NFT convention. Collateralized with a certifiable hash rate, HashLand utilizes NFT computerized resources check innovation to guarantee the client's proprietorship towards the multi-esteem manufactured resources. Permitting clients to openly orchestrate, separation and move their resources, HashLand plans to fabricate a five-star engineered NFT resources ecosystem, developing the essential structure square of metauniverse, advancing the NFT upset.

Hash Warfare

Hash Warfare, a 3D ARPG and portable P2E chain game dependent on the blockchain, will be dispatched on Christmas Eve in the HashLand metaverse. It utilizes Defi and NFT innovation to make the crypto world open to hundreds and thousands of gamers. Interestingly, players can really "own" their game resources. Players can utilize their tradeable NFT to encounter the PVE mode, PVP mode, and even battle managers with different players of their organization.

Legend NFT

HashLand NFT presently accompanies 4 distinctive person classes (more legends are ready to be delivered):

  • MT(Cavalryman)
  • Gul'dan (Mage)
  • Hunter(Assassin)
  • Lady(Paladin)
  • Character Basics

The upsides of Health, Attack, Speed, Defense, and Crit will produce by an irregular capacity toward the start. Players can step up their legend by playing in Adventure Mode (PVE) or utilizing Experience Potion.


Each saint will produce one novel arrangement of abilities. The assault of the ability is dictated by 1. Its reach, 2. Its harm, 3. Exceptional reward harm. Assuming the person's property matches the exceptional reward harm necessities, more harm will be managed and it will trigger embellishments in-game.

NFT Upgrade

Each NFT in HashLand is collateralized by Bitcoin hashrate and HC token hashrate (HC is the administration token of HashLand). HashLand NFT gives hashrate pay while being an important collectible. Clients just need to embed the NFTs into openings to acquire unending Bitcoin mining rewards. HashLand NFT is likewise upgradable. 4 level-1 NFTs can be moved up to a 1 level-2 NFT card, the equivalent goes for level-3,4, and 5. Mining yield increments as the level get progressively high. More elevated level NFTs are likewise more extraordinary and element way more hashrate. Do take note of that when you redesign from level 1 to even out 2, not exclusively does the btc multiplier increment from 100%-every available ounce of effort to 110%-120%, the card will start delivering HC token also.

Saint Upgrade

In Hash Warfare, there're numerous ways of supporting Combat Effectiveness. Buying more NFT cards from HashLand and overhauling them is the speediest method for step up your legend. Playing experience mode procures you EXP, HC tokens, and other prize things, which you can use to support your characters. In-Game lottery, bought by HC token, can deliver weapons, protections, Experience Potions, and numerous different things that can be utilized to support your characters. Assuming that you are adequately sure to join PVP mode, considerably more noteworthy prizes can be acquired.

Game Modes

Hash Warfare offers different game modes: Adventure Mode(PVE), Player Combat(PVP), and Guild Wars(GVG).

Experience (PVE)

In this game mode, players can open new parts, acquire HC tokens and things by battling NPCs. Each game will devour your Stamina, which can be bought on the in-game market for certain cutoff points.

Player Combat(PVP)

In this game mode, players will provoke different players to acquire HC. Prior to joining a PVP match, players need to assemble a group with cautious legends and assault saints. The legends can be of similar kind or various types relying upon your strategies. Come to the highest point of the position to acquire a high HC reward.

Society Wars(GVG)

Players should join a society and battle close by their partners. It will be in a type of 3 Versus 3. The prizes will be appropriated by the position toward the finish of each season.

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