The first NFT award given to the Cardano blockchain at the Renaissance Awards


Cardano Foundation, an autonomous Swiss-based non-benefit that manages and directs the headway of Cardano, announced that it has partnered with Eco-age, a spearheading maintainability consultancy office, with the objective to engage the modelers of things to come.

The Eco-age is accounted for to utilize NFTs printed on the Cardano blockchain, to grant the champs of the Renaissance Awards.

The organization made this new partnership declaration through its authority Twitter handle.

The Cardano Foundation noticed the insights regarding its partner "Eco-Age" and its connection with "the Renaissance Awards" saying:

"Our most recent partner, Eco-Age, is a spearheading supportability consultancy organization which has initiated the Renaissance Awards. The honors, which facilitated their debut function this October, run across four classifications: earth helpful, socially, monetarily comprehensive, and mechanically adjusted. The beneficiaries of The Renaissance Awards are for the most part activists from around the world, making a move and proactively making answers for the future we want."

Later the non-benefit association noticed that Eco-Age, being a part of the Renaissance Awards, has picked Cardano's blockchain with the expect to supplant the actual statuettes of standard honor shows with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, finished up, "At the Cardano Foundation, we need to enable the engineers of things to come. The Renaissance Awards do precisely that by perceiving the mind-boggling accomplishments of youthful activists with this remarkable NFT grant." 

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