Analysts at Zapper Calculated That OpenSea NFT Surpassed $12B in Sales


Analysts at Zapper Calculated That OpenSea NFT Surpassed $12B in Sales

Zapper analysts shared the highest figure in the purple worm phase of non-fungible tokens. The look of the information is impressive, but it can be most effective at first. 

26,000 Collections, 25 Million Transfers: NFTs on Fire 

According to legal statements circulated through Zapper representatives, they simply created a device to index all transfers of non-fungible tokens in the major OpenSea marketplaces.

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This device (not always open source) has completed its first evaluation and has released important OpenSea performance metrics. A total of 26,000 collections have been released since the launch of OpenSea. 

25 million non-fungible tokens transferred to NFT enthusiasts through major markets. Overall, OpenSea's revenues exceeded $12 billion. Felix Descoto, lead developer at Zapper is convinced that this section holds amazing promise. 

OpenSea Doubles Multi-chain Scaling Assumptions

He also said that when using OpenSea, we can see different structures for non-fungible token sales on those devices. 

Earlier today, OpenSea made headlines when a crypto blogger shared a screenshot hinting at the integration of two of the most popular blockchains in 2021: Fantom (FTM) and Solana (SOL). It is currently the main platform for OpenSea NFT trading. 

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