Cameo CEO Buys NFT From The Famous BYAC Collection For 100 ETH ($310,000)

Celebrities and marketers are active in the NFT space, with rapper and CEO Cameo being the most innovative. 

Stephen Galanis,  CEO of mainstream video marketplace Cameo, joined  NFT International by purchasing Bored Ape Yacht Club artwork for 100 ETH. At the same time, Takeoff Migos announced that they had offered an NFT to the Mutant AYC.

  • Following the stellar NFT in 2021, the venture is uniquely challenged to attract merchants and celebrities to fund virtual art in 2022, or replace  Twitter profile pictures to include them. 
  • The BYAC is the most famous collection, and early 2022 reinforces this trend. 
  • Cameo's CEO, Stephen Galanis, commented on what they looked like before their breakup in a showcase of the BYAC art he bought on January 8th. 
  • According to OpenSea, an entrepreneur's winning bid has risen to 100 ETH, which is about $320,000 at today's prices. 
  • Earlier, Gala Niss revealed in an interview in April 2021  that he was open to the concept of participating in NFT International, but that he was pressed for time due to his position as cameo representative.

  • Kirshnik Khari Ball, known by his professional rap name  Takeoff, has further entered the expansive BYAC space. A member of the famous hip-hop founder Migos, Migos joined his kin circle and featured his Mutant Ape Yacht Club on the NFT.
  • Last week rap legend Eminem bought an additional Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for 123.45 ETH ($452,000)

Jamie Lamten

Jamie Lamten is a writer and investor in crypto, provides his opinions and the latest news about non-fungible tokens.

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