China's most Popular Artist Jay Chou Has Announced That He Will Drop One of his Classic Tunes as a NFT


China's most popular performer Jay Chou to deliver a few NFTs in 2022

Jay Chou, one of the most incredible selling melodic artists in China, has declared that he will unload one of his classic tunes as a NFT. 

Chou likewise uncovers that he has a few NFT coordinated efforts arranged for 2022. The artists' past NFT project, the PhantaBears as of late rose to first in worldwide NFT deals positioning on OpenSea, outperforming the famous Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC).

China's most popular performer Jay Chou to deliver a few NFTs in 2022:

The legend, Jay Chou, declared through his Instagram that he will drop his exemplary tune DEMO as a NFT. The bartering will be done universally by his record name, JVR Music Label.

The Taiwanese artist additionally adds that he is chipping away at a few more NFT projects close by another music collection. One of these ventures will see his profoundly fruitful NFT project, the PhantaBears, be delivered in virtual reality experience (VR) design as indicated by his declaration.

The PhantaBears NFTs, which was delivered on the first of January, immediately rose in prominence as the whole assortment of 10,000 pieces sold out in a couple of hours. A couple of days after the fact, the exchanging volume of the assortment had reached 17,194.22 ETH (US$53.6 million), hopping 462.66% in seven days. This set it above BAYC in worldwide exchanging volume positioning on OpenSea.

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NFT Dominance ascends in Asia while Cryptocurrencies take the back seat

The accomplishment of Chou's NFT assortment isn't is to be expected as the Chinese market has been showing a solid preference for computerized resources. The country, while being antagonistic to cryptographic forms of money, has shown a weakness for NFTs and plans to manage it independently. The Chinese government will even be supporting NFT improvement as per reports.

Other Asian nations including the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore are also taking on NFTs rapidly. A report communicated that Southeast Asia saw the most raised overall adoption of NFTs in 2021. According to their data, the Philippines has the most NFT owners (32%) out of the 20 countries contemplated, followed by Thailand (27%), Malaysia (24%), the UAE (23%), and Vietnam (17%).

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