Golden Ape Doodle NFT Was Sold For ($1.1M)


Gold Ape Doodles

The Fancy Doodle NFT was offered for 296 69 ETH this week, which was actually worth around $1.1 million. 

Best Buy is the best price paid for Doodles NFT. Wednesday, NFT collector 'Princi' put out Doodle #6914, the gorgeous golden monkey of the Doodle, for a whopping $1.1 million in just 40 minutes of being indexed. Fanatic has 71 doodles out of 30,000+ NFTs.

Top buys come after every week of record earnings, beating all others in the rating. In the last days alone, Doodle Aliens #7751, #3954, and have been sold for 200 ETH and 150 ETH respectively. 

DJ Steve Aoki sold Doodle #2238 on Friday for 269 ETH ($947,000). likewise, Snoop Dogg's series has many doodles. 

Over the past 7 days at OpenSea, the NFT series has spent 13,225 ETH, hitting 9.4 ETH for over $30,000. 

Doodles is an NFT networking mission funded by CryptoKitties, the Cool Cats team, and Dapper Labs. 

Comprising 10,000 photos sponsored by artist Burnt Toast, the photo's public revenue was released on October 17th, triggering a surge in secondary market value. 

Missions are network-based to keep the roadmap alive even after the public launch.

owners can access the Doodles community financial adjustments and vote for unique experiences, campaigns, and other benefits. 

Jamie Lamten

Jamie Lamten is a writer and investor in crypto, provides his opinions and the latest news about non-fungible tokens.

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