Lootex NFT Marketplace Ends $ 9 Million in Fundraising Round


Lootex  NFT Marketplace Ends $ 9 Million in Fundraising Round

Lootex, a multi (NFT) chain market, has completed a $ 9 million seed capital investment round funded by Spartan Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, LD Capital, and leisure and leisure group Akatsuki. 

  • The capital will support Lootex, which is primarily based in Taiwan, and will now expand its trading platform to include more than 12,000 NFTs in its 500 collections. 
  • "It is very important to stimulate the GameFi NFT market so that NFT game enthusiasts have autonomous ownership and flow. We believe Lootex will help the GameFi ecosystem grow," said Akatsuki's Yuji Kumagai said in a press release. 
  • This has been a tough promotion for game enthusiasts, as long as a large number of NFT backlashes are increasing in the current gaming community. In the Lootex market, gamers can buy avatars, components, and digital lands for NFT video games. 
  • Lootex has partnered with over 50 blockchain-based video games such as RPS League, Block Monster, Dungeon Swap, and Olympus Royale.  
  • Other members in the investment space included Polygon Studios, Morningstar Ventures, and Sweeper DAO. 
  • "Our job is to release ownership of recreational assets and connect blockchain video games to traditional gamers," said Justine Lu, CEO, and co-founder of Lootex.

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