Play2Earn Revolution Introduce New Game Called Drunk Robots


Play2Earn Revolution Introduce New Game Called Drunk Robots

Advances in blockchain generation appear to manifest at mild speed, and the ultra-modern crypto revolution has ignited explosive modifications for the destiny of video video games. By utilizing NFTs and DeFi principles, builders have created a brand new breed of Play2Earn video games that integrate the high-quality of blockchain to praise gamers for his or her time and engagement.

While this ambitious shift in video games continues to be in its infancy, there are masses of promising titles in the manner which might be comfortable, handy, and a laugh to play, best requiring a smartphone and net connection to revel in. 

On the pinnacle of being extraordinary video games, you`ll be capable of earning real-international rewards only for gambling! Plus, you personal any NFT belongings associated with the sport of your choice, so that you can usually promote or change the ones to “coins out” if you made a decision to end gambling a positive sport, or in case you simply revel in collecting, leveling up, and buying and selling NFTs. 

The antique version of gaming is beginning to appear antiquated. Years ago, you may at the least change-in or promote a used disc at your nearby sports shop for a fragment of the sale price, and positioned that cash closer to a brand new sport, Lately, however, with the upward push of virtual downloads and “video games as a service” models, gamers don't have any manner to promote a sport as soon as they`re accomplished with it. And they surely aren`t compensated for his or her time! 

Are you prepared for the Play2Earn revolution in gaming? It is already upon us, and one of the top-notch video games main the rate is Drunk Robots.

Hello Drunk Robots 

Drunk Robots takes players to the metropolis of Los Machines, a futuristic metropolis where drug addicts and most comfortable hobbies are metal, beer, and violence (some might even claim to have been captured). Here in Los Machines,  robots are left to build a dysfunctional society that seizes power that can no longer be attained. 

After purchasing the completely unique robot NFT (there is a robot taken 10101 NFT), gamers must fight for survival to control the ross machine. Engage in brutal PVP battles, embark on an expedition for metal and alcohol, join a gang of drunken fellows, and customize your robot with upgraded weapons, gear, and collectibles. 

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In addition to all these activities, gamers can enjoy many free sports that don't even need to purchase a robotic NFT, plus mini-games that reward coveted prizes along with robotic gadgets. 

This product is in NFT format so you can use it or advertise it on secondary markets! For those who really care about security and efficiency, Drunk Robots is built on top of the highly acclaimed Binance Smart Chain that provides clean and reliable transactions at the highest cost.

Drinking Companion 

The Drunk Robots network is already operational and this mission has built strong partnerships with major players such as,, dex Ventures, Shima Capital, Binance nft, Liquidifty,, and Also, Drunk Robots recently made a unique listing on the Binance market. 

With too many friends spending, this mission will definitely be a major contributor to the Play2Earn revolution. As with early intervention, confidence will pay off. Drunk Robots isn't always as late as many of its competitors, and while it may take a little longer to launch, it's still a decent approach to invest in right now. As you walk the crossroads of the gaming revolution, ask yourself if you trust the ancient way. 

Would you like to continue to trust the old model that most often rewards large publishing companies? Or will you be doomed to video games like Drunk Robots that promise to praise gamers for their economic benefits in addition to a particularly fun experience?

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