Samsung Reveals The first smart TV with NFT browsing and buying and selling option

The NFT craze continues at the beginning of 2022 and major digital giants are already jumping into the popular tokenization wagon. Multinational electronics giant Samsung today added an “NFT aggregation platform” backed by its unique smart TV launch. According to Samsung, customers can view and interleave NFTs with MicroLed, Neo QLED, and The Frame models.

the platform actually acts as an aggregator, presenting NFTs from more than one marketplace on the client display. In addition to displaying NFTs, the platform can also display related information consisting of author requests and their corresponding blockchain metadata. Customers can also display NFT valuables while using the platform.

Finally, Samsung revealed that it is confidently and delightfully demonstrating to a wide range of NFTs its use of the Smart Calibration era, which regularly adjusts the TV's settings to current producers' specifications.
“Recently, the layout of displays has changed significantly with the development of the times and the way pleasure is distributed. With our new product line, we offer fully immersive video and audio that you can customize to suit your needs... Whether you're a movie buff, TV viewer, gamer or art lover, Samsung offers cutting-edge services. "To brighten up every room," said Simon Sun, sales and marketing director for Samsung Visual Display.

2021 NFT dominance will increase through 2022

NFT's reputation has gone through years of roof closures surpassing Defi's landscape. According to the Chainalysis 2021 Marketplace NFT  report, approximately $26.9 billion of NFTs were sold across all NFT markets, indicating growing market dominance. 

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In 2022, social media was introduced in addition to large institutions to integrate NFTs. By the end of last year, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri had revealed that major social media platforms were "actively exploring" NFTs. Also, Kraken's CEO, Jesse Powell, decided to make a breakthrough by securing NFTs. Kraken is a huge 5 centralized cryptocurrency exchange that was soon introduced.

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