Sunflower Farmers Game Sending Polygon Gas Prices Soaring


Sunflower Farmers Game

Shortly after CryptoKitties launched on Ethereum in 2017, a huge demand to reinvent NFT collectibles games spread across blockchain platforms, raising prices and slowing transactions. We are now seeing similar issues with a  new version of NFT running on Polygon, a community designed primarily to scale higher than the Ethereum mainnet. 

Polygon trading fuel prices have risen noticeably over the past few days, and the culprit is Sunflower Farmers, a simplified farmer game promoted by the NFT, which has seen a dramatic increase in gamers and activity. 

DappRadar reviewed more than 434,000 specific customers in the last 7 days, a 3704% increase over the previous period. That's a lot more than Polygon's second-largest app, a decentralized QuickSwap alternative that registered over 241,000 customers last week.

Growing demand is affecting the usability of the Polygon community. Gas prices have risen sharply this week and PolygonScan shows an average gasoline price of nearly 764 Gwei as of January 5th. 

This is a sharp increase from the typical rate, which dropped between 72 and 115 Gwei per day over the past week. December. 

At USD, this means that  Polygon transaction prices have jumped significantly from a penny or much less to $0.50, typically a penny, depending on the complexity of the transaction. However, while this is part of the transaction fees of the main Ethereum network, for various programs that use video games and other transactions,  prices for customers may start to accumulate. With 

gasoline prices rising, customers on social media, Reddit, and Polygon Discord servers complained about the transaction failure. Philippe Castonguay, product director at sports blockchain developer Horizon Games, said on Twitter on Wednesday that 11% of Polygon community validators were unable to publish blocks due to increased demand. 

This is the kind of problem Polygon devised to solve. It is in response to a sidechain extension that allows for faster and cheaper transactions than the main Ethereum network can process. Still, while this is plausible despite the sharp rise in gasoline prices this week, the surging tolls encourage communities to wage further wars to cope with the extended draft period. 

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Sunflower Farmers is an online game where players are rewarded with crypto tokens. According to DappRadar, the game's skyrocketing number of gamers began with a rewarding opportunity for woodcutting and stone mining. Farming games have also appeared on the WAX ​​blockchain in recent months.

According to security researcher Thomas Curble, Sunflower Farmers’ blockchain contract updates the Polygon community with information about each player’s reputation every 25 minutes. A shared blockchain communicator can spark community appeal. 

Given the Sunflower Farmers impact on Polygon this week, several customers have seen a situation similar to a Dedicated Denial of Service (DDOS) attack. According to PolygonScan, in the last three days, Sunflower Farmers' accounted for more than two-thirds of total fuel consumption on the network. 

Fuel costs are exorbitantly expensive these days, but incentives for gamers can suddenly drop. According to information from CoinGecko, SFF's in-game praise tokens have dropped 52% in the last 24h, reaching $60. It is down 89% from its current high of $575 on January 4th. Polygon's private token MATIC  is up nearly 7%  at its current rate of $2.24. 

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