The Artist Magnus Low Launch NFT Album At Avaware Platform


The Artist Magnus Low Launch NFT Album At Avaware Platform

New York-based hip-hop artist Magnus Low may release an album by NFT on Avaware. Moonbreaker is for hip-hop, anime, and quantum-level fanatics. This album is full of language-forming and mind-changing lyrics you've never heard before. A video of the album's main song has been uploaded to YouTube. 

Ready to travel to the moon? AvaxNFT can donate 1000 NFT with IPFS  hyperlink for album download and exchange it to Avaware Marketplace and also bet on the NFT betting pool. Each NFT  also has 10 EMBRs ready. EMBR can be requested immediately and we hope to use it to learn more about the Embr.Finance project, the current decentralized trading, and creation of an investment protocol for Avalanche. Embr introduces Uniswap's trendy buy and sells feature, allowing you to buy and sell tokens one by one. Behind the scenes, the Smart Order Router (SOR) intelligently overestimates the liquidity of multiple pools, regularly receiving superior rates from all available pools. It provides a decentralized financial strategy using the “best-in-class” DeFi protocol. Based on Balancer V2, Embr is Avalanche's core AMM Nextera protocol. Each Moonbreaker NFT costs $10 in Australian dollars. 

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Avaware platform is a great platform to purchase NFTs. Avaware brings seasoned open-source developers together to team up and bring exciting, up-to-date initiatives to a tool near you. Avaware.Network is the only way to prevent DeFi persistence! This includes many import farms, pre-sales, and album releases as well as NFT stores hosting events, NFT marketplaces where you can buy and promote Avaware collectibles, and even NFT stays where you can earn AVE for customers staking  Avaware NFT .

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