The New NFT Platform Mintify Promises to Solve NFTs Problem is the simplest web3 platform for members to learn about NFTs through clever notifications about upcoming drops, pre-sales, and whitelist events.

Mintify: Are you worried about NFT creators with lots of fake followers? Also, do you find it difficult to keep the music from NFTs? Are you sleeping while the NFT drop appears on the other side of the world? The new platform provides strong guarantees to fix most of these issues. is the simplest web3 platform for members to learn about NFTs through clever notifications about upcoming drops, pre-sales, and whitelist events. 

The Digital Artwork NFT is fully available in specialized markets such as Zora, Rarible, and OpenSea. Coinbase NFT (P2P Marketplace) is coming soon, with plans to make it easier to create, buy, present, and search for NFTs. 

If you're particularly interested in video games and sports goods, builders such as Dapper Labs will create a report consisting of NBA top shots (digital trading cards) and CryptoKitties (a Pokemon app for collecting digital cats). did. This is really becoming the biggest NFT. -A hit has occurred) It exists at the end of 2017). Online video games like Gods Unchained are beginning to use NFTs to boost recreational items such as weapons and beauty upgrades. 

properties in the new digital world are offered through a market consisting of Decentraland and The Sandbox. You can also buy or promote several NFTs without delay through like-minded crypto wallets.

I bought NFT - what now? 

What can you do with an NFT when you buy it? Some people are displaying their virtual creations on huge monitors. Some buy digital real estate (via NFT, of course) to build a digital gallery or museum. You can also explore digital worlds like Decentraland and explore the collections of different people. 

For some fans, the attraction lies in buying and selling, as is the case for other asset classes. (The collector Beeple NFT, who offered $6.9 million, paid  less than $70,000  in October 2020.) 4,444 mainstream artists are also concerned in the area, especially in the music realm. In early March, Nashville band Kings of Leon released their next album, which could come in one or more NFT forms. Fans can unlock various perks, such as trade covers, limited edition vinyl, or gold price tags for live VIP gigs, depending on which product they purchase. 

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The secondary market provides more revenue opportunities for NFT artists. For example, you can sub-sell royalties to unique  NFT artists. 

What problems does solve? 

Evan Varsamis is the founder of He is a full-time entrepreneur from New York who was worried about the cryptocurrency business due to  2016. He is also the CEO of Gadget Flow, a product discovery platform that reaches over 30 million people per month. He says he became interested in NFTs in 2015 and made several investments. “I was told to worry about a few things. The first thing I noticed in the NFT space is that now it's just chaos. It's like the early days of Web1 without Google. Job search is a bit of a fuss right now. Detecting dropouts is also tricky. When the mission becomes available, you should work hard via Reddit. You can go to Discord. Do this." 

As of January 2022, many NFT challenges are being introduced daily via Reddit, private communities, Discord channels, newsletters, and social media. This means that those who want to become a mint can discover them in time and benefit from it. Instead, they have to buy NFTs from a secondary market where they tend to think they should pay a higher price.

Mintify: Early Notice wants the easiest platform for enthusiasts to use to find their favorite NFTs and participate in mint events (drop, whitelist, pre-sale). 

Varsamis says: You need to restore this. So we came to the concept of Mintify. A day in NFT  is like a week in any other industry. There is no longer enough time to do research during the day. Therefore, this process should be simplified. We need to provide a single platform to learn about these exciting upcoming NFT challenges that have yet to be discovered.” 

members can receive notifications using Mintify's smart notification system. “If you are interested in a project, we will let you know before it goes public. One of the biggest problems for those closely involved in the field of NFT is the calendar. They want to set reminders based on time zone differences.” Mintify must ensure that each is available to its members.


Mintify must also provide a "record check" from drop creators. They plan to evaluate casting events by showing random factors. It depends on whether it was originally created, the pocket address was questionable, or if it was sponsored by a real person. 

Members can choose the level and format of stakes in the participating NFTs, including art, membership, music, and collectibles. This is combined with the happy third birthday structure to make a calculated choice when purchasing NFTs. Data from these assets include referral odds, scarcity odds, profit-per-opportunity, fake fan rates on Discord and Twitter, smart consent rates, creator awareness, and suspicious pocket actions. 

 Varsamis says it will test smart contracts for participants to make sure they are flawless. “We can have a 24/7 development team. The most convenient activity is code review. Smart contracts are public. So if you're a mint and don't offer reasonable deals, this is the first step in the negative activity. Why is my contract no longer showing up? We will conduct computerized audits. If you have a crimson flag, you can thank your guide. We will provide confirmation badges for every initiative we present. Brings peace of mind. You don't have to do your  own research." 

Barsamis will further analyze the crew's fans. “Perhaps we will verify their fans and make sure they are no longer bots. This is a big problem for the industry.” Some creators claim that 60,000  are waiting for a drop, but 59,000 are lies. “People show up with FOMO and going insane. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone. This happened to me on my first day. When you first enter the market, you want to be up-to-date as soon as possible." 

No Guarantee 

Mintify plans to provide validation and testing of smart contracts, but this no longer guarantees that you will not be scammed. It's far from a dice roll nonetheless as there are no Web3 cops keeping an eye on these wacky contracts. 

Varsamis said, “It’s like receiving a tweet from a verified Twitter account. Does Twitter guarantee this isn't a robbery? No, but it's a different level of security."

nft platform

Another feature of the web page is the pocket track. Varsamis says: “As soon as we got into space, we talked to people who had been there for more than six months. I asked them what worked and what didn't. So, the next item on the list will give you good control over your pocket. This way you can determine how much money you have made. If you have more than one NFT on some platforms, it will take some time to check. If you have a lot of NFTs, it will take a few days! It is usually a pain. So the concept is that we will be included in Etherscan. We will use the API to play all the hobbies of all members. You can see the income statement on Mintify.” 


I have a collection of NFTs. What's next? Varsamis says you can wear a Rolex to show off or put on a luxury car. However, NFTs can be checked online. “Twitter will soon release an update confirming your profile picture. If it is an NFT, you need to verify that you are the owner of that NFT. So down to the demo it will be huge. 

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“On Twitter at the time, most people would delete images of real people and use their favorite NFTs. Twitter is a good fit for this network because of its speed. This is a complete text network. Same speed as Twitter with threads - Tweet, comment, view, and unfollow instantly. Convenient for  NFT networks. Currently, Twitter may no longer be a conversation and is also seen as an academic tool for the NFT space. If you ever have to worry about space, it's no longer possible to not follow a group on Twitter. It's right to remember that we all start from scratch because no one can start much earlier than the other because everything is  so new."

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