The New Twitter NFT Verification Tool Do Not Confirm Credibility


The New Twitter NFT Verification Tool Do Not Confirm Credibility

There's a flaw in Twitter's carefully guarded feed to guide proven NFTs to profile pictures: it's impossible to tell if an NFT is genuine or a scam. 

Although the device claims who owns the NFT, it cannot verify whether the photo inside the NFT is a genuine or unauthorized copy. 

The opportunists trying to use a hacked NFT photo as a profile picture could add an identical NFT search image to a third-party marketplace with OpenSea, monetize it as an NFT, and it was approved. Get and demonstrate through major social media to register as profile pics. 

"If you can assert an NFT, doesn't that defeat the entire test sample?" Brett Richey, the father of  Web3 sports activity whose betting start-up BlitzPick, said. “I thought Twitter would only [scroll] post proven collections, but I could scroll a copy of [an] apes [NFT] and confirm it, right? [It] seems unnecessary. 

The organization says users can link their full ether wallet to the money they owe on Twitter and display their virtual collections as their profile pictures. 4,444 profiles with their NFT-proven hexagonal photos on social media giants, signaling blockchain ownership. Users pay $2.99 ​​per month through the organization's Twitter Blue subscription service provider and use the IOS engine to use the new feature. 

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A Twitter spokesperson informed Blockworks that a customer can click on a profile picture to see if his or her NFT has been proven with OpenSea. All purely ether-based NFTs whose transactions are recorded on the blockchain can be viewed on Twitter profiles. 

“We need to make it viable for anybody to apply NFTs and don`t need to gatehold NFT collections that won`t be proven via way of means of positive marketplaces,” the spokesperson stated. “We felt it became essential to provide clients a less complicated manner to peer NFT information without delay from someone`s profile image and without difficulty discover the agreement address; via way of means of clicking on an NFT profile image, humans can be capable of seeing whether or not a group has been proven via way of means of OpenSea or another [third] celebration marketplace.” 

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