The Unique Project Mars4 Metaverse Sold Their NFTs Under 24 Hours


Mars4 Metaverse, a completely unique allocation that tokenized the bottom of the Red Planet, is tracking impressive NFT sales.

Mars4 Metaverse, a completely unique allocation that tokenized the bottom of the Red Planet, is tracking impressive NFT sales. Here's how GameFi's early birds could make money on their digital lands.

Mars4 NFTs for $250,000, Epoch 1 Released 

According to a respectable statement circulated through the crew fund behind the Mars4 Metaverse, the Mars4 NFT has garnered a lot of attention from individual investors.

NFT Internet revenue exceeded $250,000 in just one day. Many pro and novice NFT fans have decided to make a name for themselves as "Ownable Mars". 

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Technically, each Mars4 NFT represents a geographically correct piece of land on the surface of the red planet. The data for this map was collected with the help of NASA and other major regional agencies. The bottom of Mars is rendered in  3D photos for breathtaking expeditions. 

With merchants purchasing NFTs for the first time, the Mars4 NFT environment provided a completely age-based reward system. Owners who sell Mars4 terrestrial NFTs at or before a certain point in time in the Modern Era (Epoch 1) will receive 51% of the profits generated by the protocol during the next Era (e.g. Epoch 2 for the remaining Mars4 Era members). NFT sales). 

All rewards can be expressed in Mars4 tokens or Mars4 dollars and will be paid out after the next NFT sale. This device will dominate the procedural tokennomics between Epoch 0 and Epoch 5. Therefore, it is set to give priority to traders who arrive earlier at the Mars4 Metaverse. 

Only Token Holders Survive. 

By the start of Q1 2022, more than 56,000 NFTs have been purchased, with the most convenient 3,000 NFTs remaining with traders on Epochs 25. As protocols and environments evolve, the  Mars4 NFT will serve as a certificate for the digital venue on Mars. Including the tokens in a “survival kit” along with Mars4 dollars allows holders to stay and earn money in the Marsthemed digital environment. 

As previously reported via U.Today, the Mars4 NFT remained on Ethereum on October 21, 2021. A medium-sized regional asset, Mars4 Dollar has evolved into an instant buy and sell a set of major Bittrex CEX  and major currencies. Decentralized platform SushiSwap. 

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