The White Hat Of Melania Trump Nft Fell Victim To The Cryptocurrency Market Crisis


The White Hat Of Melania Trump Nft Fell Victim To The Cryptocurrency Market Crisis

  • The largest bet is around $170,000. 
  • Only Solana (SOL) tokens are used for staking.

The online sale of the hat that Melania Trump wore when she visited the White House with French President Emmanuel Macron in 2018 fell victim to the cryptocurrency market crisis. Trump has decided to name the watercolor photorealistic portrait of a wide-brimmed white hat and her sports hat (NFT) for public online sale. 

According to Trump's press release on Marketing and Open Sales Marketing in early January, a three-part package deal called "Chief of 2022" is expected to open with a  bid of at least approximately $250,000. Only SOL, Solana’s blockchain cryptocurrency, will be used for bidding, and over time, SOL will be worth around $170 per token.

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A Portion of Proceedings to Assist Foster Care Children

However, fees for the largest number of SOL and other cryptocurrencies have fallen significantly in recent weeks. Before the public sale ends, each SOL will cost approximately $95. 

According to Trump, there was little money on Trump's commodities early in the morning on Tuesday, and the biggest bet was around $170,000, the dollar worth changing in the volatile crypto market. 

The Wednesday morning public auction closes at 2:59 am Even if Trump's bid is not met, the winning bid could still be higher. But the exit offer may be far less than she expected. 

According to Trump, “a portion” of the proceeds could be used to help foster children access laptop know-how and education programs of the times.

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