Top 20 blockchain NFT marketplaces To Buy and Promote Non-Fungible Tokens For Creators and Investors


(NFTs) are booming still with new markets opening up almost every week to meet growing demand. This can make it difficult for freshmen to recognize where they can buy and market virtual objects and cryptographic artwork appropriately. 

Read our list of the top 20 cross-blockchain NFT marketplaces to shop for and promote virtual collectibles.


It is the real NFT market and by far the largest. Based entirely in New York, this platform allows you to buy and promote NFTs, sporting goods, and art collectibles, as well as buy and sell maps, local names, digital worlds, and more.


Rarible is a fully community-based NFT  platform powered entirely by the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. The platform allows you to buy, sell and create a wide variety of digital art and collectibles. 

Marketplace provides a simple consumer interface. You can use Rarible Tokens (RARI) to list NFTs on the platform.


SuperRare is an NFT-based marketplace entirely based on Ethereum that features a wide variety of collectibles and high-end artwork. The personal look of the platform comes with great GIFs and stay-at-home auctions. 

SuperRare offers customers near-social pleasure with content curated to meet their preferences. The platform works closely with artists to ensure that certain top artworks and crypto media are indexed on its marketplace.


The Foundation is a complete community-based NFT platform that allows artists to publish and sell NFTs. The platform has seen many high-profile sales, including the well-known Nyan Cat NFT, Edward Snowden's first crypto art, and more. The Nyan Cat NFT was sold to Muse for over $800,000.

Nifty Gateway 

Nifty Gateway is one of the most useful NFT platforms in NYC where customers can promote USD NFT on the platform. The platform is subsidized through Gemini, a major US-regulated cryptocurrency exchange.  Nifty Gateway creates collectibles and media for artists with limited release capabilities. The platform also allows users to schedule NFT startups using timers.

Interestingly, the platform allows artists to determine the royalties they receive from secondary sales. Nifty charges £5 for each resale. 


Mintable is an NFT marketplace where customers can launch, buy and promote their NFTs. Founded in  Singapore platform primarily supports NFTs based on Ethereum and Zilliqa.

Users should buy a couple of NFT classes on Mintable, which includes artwork and collectibles, in-sport items, and music. Platform factors are similarly categorized as generic, gas-free, and printable.

The Mintable has additional features such as custom shops and ad packs that you can access by upgrading to the Pro plan. Creating your own NFT  on the platform is easy. 

Makers Place 

Makers Place is a community-driven NFT marketplace for digital creators that aims to build communities of creative talent. 

San Francisco's NFT Marketplace, established in 2018,  has an escrow function and charges 15 Euros for every ETH purchase. Secondary payments for sales can be made using a credit card. 

Like the Nifty Gateway, the platform periodically releases new NFT drops and has received several memorable drops from players like TPain and Shakira. In early 2021, The Makers Place platform was temporarily taken offline, removing crypto artist Beeple's NFT collection. 

Stacks Art 

Stacks Art is a Stack (STX) blockchain-based NFT marketplace that allows NFTs to be stabilized using the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain. The platform allows customers to research, purchase and promote virtual collectibles by various artists. You must use the Hiro wallet to connect to the marketplace. 

Once the collection is placed on the platform, you can earn royalties for each resale. Stacks Art charges a 2.5% fee on all secondary NFT sales.


Superior stack market to list Bitcoin ​​NFTs that should become more famous over the past year.

Stacks NFT launches have become extra common, and market sales for well-known collections are staggering. 


Byzantion is another new NFT marketplace launched to provide Stacks customers with a convenient platform to purchase, promote and create a set of Bitcoin-protected NFTs. 


KnowOrigin is a curated NFT marketplace that provides mature viewing pleasure to its customers. The platform focuses on a list of top-notch cryptographic arts, avoiding the wacky component of the NFT scene. 


AirNFT is a marketplace created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) where customers can shop and promote NFTs. According to the website, about 200,000 NFTs were issued on the platform. 

Binance Binance Coin (BNB) cryptocurrency exchange and platform's own token, AIRT, can be used as a currency within the marketplace, and customers can utilize the AirNFT launchpad feature as an artist to increase the profile of the series. You want to promote NFT. 


tofuNFT is an NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain where you can buy, buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The platform was transformed into a structure through SCR. It is financial (SCV) and can be deployed on many blockchains such as Polygon (MATIC). This platform is a gratification for the upper-tier compared to the currently non-existent SCV.  NFT Financial Markets. 

tofuNFT is designed to meet the needs of NFT creators and provides creator groups with homepage highlights, sophisticated cleanup, and search engines, royalty distribution, and customer support for groups over 50 BNB. 


Treasureland is a multi-chain NFT protocol that enables the issuance, issuance, and public sale of NFTs. It provides social enjoyment through a decentralized connection of  NFT creators, clients, and clients. 


ITAM is a Binance Smart Chain-enabled NFT marketplace that allows customers to modify NFTs and is a multi-chain interoperability platform. There are totally unique filter units on the market that make it easy for 

shoppers to narrow down the items they need to buy. For example, you can search for recently issued NFTs, recent sales, lowest commissions, and more. 


Solanart is a curated NFT marketplace offering a very limited selection of NFTs for sale. The platform has recently seen a surge in buying and selling collections including Degenerate Ape Academy, Aury, and SolPunks. 


Solsea is a major NFT development platform that allows creators to embed copyright licenses in their NFTs. You can publish, issue, and exchange NFTs with low fees on the platforms of Solana (SOL), Tether (USDT), and USD Coin (USDC). The most important feature of Solsea is that authors can make their series public or private. 

For each absolutely issued NFT, Solsea calculates rarity, score, and function stats.

DigitalEyes Market 

DigitalEyes Market is Solana`s open NFT platform that gives shoppers an extensive variety of NFTs and creators a platform to host their collectibles. The platform prices a 2.5% provider price and a percent license price for NFT income. The very last price is about with the aid of using the author at introduction time. DigitaEyes is presently in beta mode. 


AtomicMarket is a shared liquidity NFT market that permits customers to list NFTs on one marketplace and looks at all different Atomic markets. The platform prices £2 for income and auctions. Producers also can specify how an awful lot they need to get hold of from every sale. is certainly considered one of the most important NFT buying and selling systems at the Tezos (XTZ) network. The cause of the platform is to offer gear that makes it less complicated for the network to shop for and exchange NFTs on Tezos. prices a price of a minimum of 0.0011XTZ to customers who put up crypto artwork on the platform. A price of 2.5 cents is likewise charged for hit trades. Users can connect with the platform through the use of Tezos-enabled wallets inclusive of Gelleon, Kukai, and Umami.

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