What Is happening With Naruto NFTs?


What Is happening With Naruto NFTs?

Licensed NFTs generate huge revenues in this area. Is Naruto the next participant in this gold rush?

The most efficient NFT areas have gotten warmer this year. As more and more customers migrate to Web3 and the amount of money flowing through numerous blockchains increases dramatically, more and more large groups are eager to get a slice of the pie. An anime IP like Naruto could be a logical continuum of a lineup. Various groups borrow IP addresses for NFT generation to rely on initial declarations within their realm. Take Disney, for example. They partnered with VeVe to bring multi-factor NFT to IP. Here are the milestones for 

  • Marvel. 
  • Simpson 
  • Star Wars 
And more. Will Naruto be the next IP to switch to  Web3 assets within the NFT format? Well, it's not that fast right now.

Did Bejutsu become Masashi Kishimoto's partner?

Officially certified virtual gadgets are now trending on the web. Everyone wants to be able to get it from each company as early as possible with an approach that pays off for their investment. 

This makes sense. Over the years, the need for a native original NFT from Adidas has become less realistic while bigger people have become the default for Web3. This is a long-term investment for collectors. This is why the distance is crazy as long as the allowed reset has a new alpha. BEDJUTSU step by step. They say they will lose their NFTs on January 7th, 2022. And this will be the first authenticated NFT Naruto built on a blockchain.

Founders Clay Taylor and Sister Sydney first gave their advice on this mission a few weeks ago. The simplest loss of starting a private Discord server and losing 10k private invite codes was that the server quickly overflowed as the network got stuck in the wind.  Twitter accounts also gained strength. You currently have 40.9000 fans on your account.


But as the web begins to dig a little deeper, everything doesn't seem to be as the creators said.


Twitter consumer Truedank. eth posted a thread last night revealing the full picture.

The consensus and consensus that Clay claims to have been obtained has been changed to a really solid one according to

This work has been further DMCA by an organization operating on behalf of Naruto's intellectual property owners. Sydney Taylor, one of the project's creators, was also blocked from Twitter the day before for unknown reasons. 

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What was the community reaction? 

Not very good. The artists hired by BEJUTSU  have accelerated dramatically over the past few days as the seats start to heat up. 

There were no justifiable statements from the founders in response to the network's accusations. 

Incidentally, this is what customers want to see in this space. Web3's openness and accessibility open the door to first-class innovation while also opening the door to terrible actors. Be very careful with what you invest. Always do your research and don't mistake everything you find on the internet for the truth. Just because you have a license doesn't mean you actually have a license. Let's be more vigilant about these things as a web. Let's go through the documentation before deciding that this is our next big project. Enough FOMO, more navigation, and logic.

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