The DeGods Solana NFT Project will purchase a team stake in Ice Cube's BIG3 League.


DeGods Solana NFT Project
All of the top-tier Ethereum NFT ownership stakes in Killer 3s, one of Ice Cube's 3-on-3 basketball league teams, will be acquired by DeGods.


  • BIG3, a 3-on-3 b-ball association, as of late revealed plans to sell group proprietorship stakes by means of NFTs.
  • Solana NFT project DeGods will buy the top proprietorship stakes in a single group, with DeGods holders offered admittance to bring down level stakes.

Proficient b-ball association BIG3 — established by rapper and entertainer Ice Cube — as of late reported plans to fractionalize group possession by giving NFTs for every one of the 12 groups in its association, letting fans and financial backers purchase in with advantages galore.

Presently we know that a well-known NFT task will get the controlling interest in one of the groups.

Today, BIG3 reported that Solana-based NFT project DeGods has consented to purchase every one of the 25 of the Fire-level NFT possession stakes in Killer 3s, one of the association's 12 groups. Also, DeGods NFT holders will approach up to 500 aggregate "whitelist" spots to mint Killer 3s' Gold-level NFTs, of which there are 975 altogether.

The Fire NFTs — which sell for $25,000 each — give the most advantages to holders and deal more impact and command over a group. Fire NFT holders can decide who will act as group CEO, president, and VP, as well as utilize the IP freedoms to make group stock (with association endorsement).

DeGods will hold those stakes for Killer 3s, really giving it full command over the group. As a feature of this association, Killer 3s will wear a DeGods fix on their game pullovers, in addition to the NFT venture's marking will be incorporated inside communicates and on the scoreboard. DeGods people group individuals will approach at this point concealed open doors around the group.

"This is likely the most intriguing investigation in the whole NFT space at the present time," said pioneer Frank DeGods, in a delivery. "It's cool on the grounds that claiming and working a b-ball group is a fantasy for a large number of individuals. Presently, we get to make that fantasy valid for our holders."

He told Decrypt that a DeGods NFT holder is a "vital piece of the association" and that they started examining the thought a couple of months prior. The assets for the NFTs will emerge from the task's DeDAO depository, and the drive was decided in favor of by the DAO authority, called the Divine Council. He likewise affirmed that DeGods NFT proprietors would impact the group's administration.

In a video message presented on BIG3's Discord server toward the beginning of today, Ice Cube examined the more extensive thought of letting NFT people group purchase controlling stakes in groups.

"We pondered this: would it be advisable for one local area to own a group like that? Also, the response is indeed, particularly assuming that it's the right local area," he said. "The association needs these networks, and these networks need to come in and develop the association."

He added that few out of every odd group in the association will adopt the very strategy and that numerous tokens will in any case be accessible to the more extensive public.

BIG3 plans to hold the deal for NFT group possession stakes in May, in front of the association's fifth season on June 18.

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